Four risk books free in Kindle format on the 16th & 17th of August 2022 (LA Timezone), free access to SECTARA risk assessment software, and 20% off training courses if you use "ASIAL22" discount code.

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Some of Julian's books on risk management, security, and frontline management by Julian Talbot are available in Kindle editions on the (United States) website.

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Co-designed by the lead author of the globally-acclaimed Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK), SECTARA is the go-to platform for producing professional security risk assessments and treatment plans. There’s a fully functional free plan included to get you started! SECTARA enables practitioners to quickly create and complete security risk assessments simply and with methodological rigor. We incorporated data libraries to promote productivity and ensured that it was suitable for any scope and industry for the broadest utility. As you’d expect, military-grade encryption prevents unauthorized access to your sensitive data – including by developers and system administrators. Download the sample critical infrastructure (Dam) assessment and review sample use cases

Julian Talbot

Four of Julian Talbot's books are free on AMAZON.COM on 11OCT22

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20% off SRMBOK Training for ASIAL22

Use the code "ASIAL22" for a 20% discount. on these courses, delivered by the lead author of the Security Risk Management Body Of Knowledge. The training is based on ISO31000:2018 Risk Management Guidelines and the Security Risk Management Body Of Knowledge (SRMBOK).

Free graphics and excerpts from the SRM Aide-Mémoire

The Security Risk Management Aide-Mémoire (SRMAM) is an update to SRMBOK but is also a standalone memory jogger for most of the models you will ever need for security or risk management. The graphics and excerpts from SRMAM are available at

Risk management models and graphics - Free

You can download and use the graphics for free at this link. You'll find illustrations for Bow-Tie, Swiss-Cheese, ISO31000, Stroud Matrix, Human Factors Analysis Classification System, BOGSAT, Wagner method, and about 50 more. I'd be grateful if you could acknowledge when you use them, but my main interest is in sharing some useful models to help consistency in the profession. Cheers, Julian

Risk management for executives and company directors

I have put all my intelligence and effort into some beautifully crafted risk assessments over my years as a practitioner. I've been consistently amazed and slightly disappointed when senior managers weren't all that interested. It just didn't make sense - until I became a CEO myself...

Risk Management Short Course

Some unorthodox thinking and general advice on risk management, swiss-cheese, bow ties, and other good things.

14-day free trial of Safe Havens

14-day free Safe Havens Trial. Just for a bit of extra value, here is a 14-day trial of another application I'm involved with that will be of interest to risk management professionals involved in education or child protection. Designed from the ground up to provide child and community-friendly real-time options for reporting, collaboration, and monitoring, anytime, anywhere. If you'd like an extended 3 month trial, some training, or a presentation on how it works, just email me at

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Content Curation and Publishing Platform via micro-Websites

A FREE content curation and publishing platform that works by copying and pasting links. Create a personal website, promote your business, and much more! Yes, it's another startup that I'm working with. This website, for example, took about 1 minute to build using FYI. I think you'll like it if you ever have a need to curate a collection of pages for clients or colleagues. Or just to create your own startup page. Way cooler than bookmarks. :-)

Julian Talbot

'Five' Insights in Risk Management

Links to references and further reading on some insights to modern risk management. I suggest you start with the video presentation. (NB. I've used affiliate links for the Amazon links).